Do you love viral wedding videos where people dance to modern pop hits, but have complicated feelings about the guy who inspired the most famous one? Well, help is on the way: There's a new adorable wedding dance video you can enjoy without the vague feeling that you're somehow endorsing domestic violence.

Canadian groom Sunjay Matthews wanted to give his new bride a special dance routine on her dream day. But instead of Chris Brown's "Forever" or Justin Bieber's "Baby" (another popular choice), he went with "What Makes You Beautiful, by One Direction, as squeaky-clean a group of lads you'll ever find. No bad associations here!

Check out the moves below (especially those of the bald guy on the right—dude's got skills). Could these guys defeat the notoriously dance-averse One Direction in a dance-off?

Too Much Too Soon from Paul Warner on Vimeo.