Watch out America, there’s some new rednecks heading for the small screen—and these ones are bigger, quite possibly better and most definitely more outrageous than any others you’ve seen!!

Reelz channel brings us, Hollywood Hillbillies , which follows the lives of a “Southern-fried family” as they take on Tinseltown—and Popdust has a sneak peek.

Hollywood Hillbillies is set to premiere on Reelz January 21


You can guarantee that much like it’s scripted 1960s predecessor, Beverly Hillbillies, it’ll be laughs a-plenty as the family makes the move from Grayson Georgia to Hollywood California.

It’s likely that if you ever go on YouTube you will already be familiar with one of the stars—Michael Kittrell shot to fame after his ‘Angry Ginger Kid’ video, where he flipped out over a South Park episode, declaring “GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!!!!” went viral.

That got the attention of Hollywood heavyweight David Weintraub who quickly signed up the teen, along with his outspoken, plain talkin’ no-nonsense grandma, Delores (AKA Mema) and the rest of the family.

Hollywood Hillbillies is set to premiere on Reelz January 21

Weintraub knows a thing or two about creating reality TV gold, he produced and starred in Sons of Hollywood back in 2007, was a major force behind the VH1 smash hit, Celebrity Rehab and produced the spin-off show Sex Rehab.

Although Hollywood Hillbillies is unlikely to be scoring big at the Golden Globes, Reelz is confident they have a sure-fire commercial hit on their hands.

“We’re not looking for the next Mad Men or Sopranos, ” channel CEO, Stan E. Hubbard, told StarTribune recently.

“We’re looking for the next Duck Dynasty.”

Hollywood Hillbillies premieres Tuesday January 21st  at 9pm (E/PT) on Reelz

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