Fresh off Justin Bieber's Purpose tour, pop-artist, dancer, and blue-haired-beauty, Moxie Raia, stopped into the Popdust offices on her way through New York City. The singer has over 85 million streams, and has been featured on tracks with Post Malone, Wyclef, and more. She talked about her new song "Shades of Blue," and ultimately won the undying affection of Popdust's own Brent Butler, who, throughout the course of the interview, slowly came apart at the seams. Despite Brent's incessant dad jokes and attempts to get Moxie's number, he managed to ask her about her musical inspirations, Jersey roots, and her experience touring with Justin Bieber. See the full interview below.

Popdust Presents | Moxie Raia Interview

Moxie then further entranced Brent with acoustic versions of her new songs "Shades of Blue" and "Cold Outside." While Brent is not on camera during the performances, if you listen closely, you can hear him quietly weeping in the background. Both songs offer intimate looks at the singers experience with love, and feature stunning vocal scales and infectious pop melodies.

Moxie Raia "Cold Outside"

Moxie Raia "Shades of Blue"

Then, innocuously holding a guitar like a Bruce Springsteen knockoff or a tween covering an erection, Brent went on to subject Moxie to the magic box and a series of uncomfortable jokes punctuated by long silences. Meanwhile, the rest of the Popdust team looked on in ever-growing horror, quietly getting drunk. Finally, mercifully, the interview ended without a lawsuit.

The Magic Box Interview With Moxie Raia

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