Mr. Clean's "sexy" Super Bowl ad defies logic

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We're almost a week away from Super Bowl LI, so in addition to getting your nacho recipes ready and taking bets on what songs Lady Gaga will include in her halftime show, prepare yourselves for a new crop of million dollar commercials. While conventionally these companies pay big bucks to make their ads look as enticing as possible, sometimes this can go a bit too far and end up on the side of the bizarre. And though we surely still have a lot more ads coming down the pike, one released in advance online this morning is throwing down the gauntlet for the title of 2017's strangest.

This new 30-second spot for Mr. Clean features a woman being seduced by a ripped, swaggering, and gyrating CGI version of their mascot before he turns back into her husband. Now there's no doubting the old adage "sex sells" still works, but can the same principle be applied when the sex object looks like the unholy love child of Howie Mandel and Tom Hanks from The Polar Express? After years of sexist undertones in Super Bowl ads we're all in favor of having women finally do the ogling, but it probably would've been better off if they'd used a live action dancer for this Magic Mike homage, sparing us all the sight of a cartoon character flexing their glutes for an audience of over 100 million. With the ad already out and making the rounds on the internet, we can't help but wonder if this ad is part of a new trend to embrace strange, viral content or a bizarre outlier that should (hopefully) be quickly forgotten. I guess we'll all have to find out when the big game airs February 5th on Fox.

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