Glad to see our observation that Diddy is the most integral guest at every public party is still holding up. The newly crowned TV network boss, established fashion designer, producer, football dad and everything else, stopped by one of the premier sporting events this weekend. No, not the Final Four, and no, not the Miami Heat-Boston Celtics game. While many of you were transfixed by January Jones massive weight gain on last night's Mad Men other names on your Twitter feeds were commenting on the massive hits The Rock was making on his way to the WrestleMania crowd. Because professional wrestling is very much still a thing. An important thing Sean Combs needs to attend in person.

"Miami! Wrestlmania! Miami! Wrestlemania XXVIII are you ready?!" Diddy shouted to Miami's Sun Life Stadium crowd on Sunday night, before announcing Bad Boy recording artist MGK and featured guest Skylar Grey who went on to perform their collaboration, "Invincible." Diddy took the stage amidst a decent round of boos, but managed to escape before any chairs were thrown, or any overly excited audience members celebrated like this. We may not fully comprehend professional wrestling, but we do know a thing or two about Mr. Combs: 20 years in the biz and he's still not above serving as the hype man. Watch below.