Muppets Cover "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

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Because this is the year of people covering "Smells Like Teen Spirit"—it is the 20th anniversary of Nevermind, we suppose—the Muppets have decided to cover the Nirvana classic for the upcoming The Muppets movie. Well, the Muppets didn't themselves decide to cover it—they are puppets of fictional characters, so that would be weird—but the people behind the movie apparently did, and so we have (by our Muppet Expert friend's best guess) Sam the Eagle, Beaker, Rowlf and Link Hogthrob a capella-ing their way through "Teen Spirit." It's actually one of the better SLTS covers we've heard—catchy and bouncy, but still kinda dark and weird and hilarious. Kurt would undoubtedly be a huge fan. (Especially because it's short.)


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