MUSIC MONDAY | Evan Klar talks about what music he is currently listening to

Kimbra, Fleet Foxes, Donso, Holy Holy, Feist, Mr Jukes, Mac Demarco, Sheryl Crow, Wim Martens

Deepest Creatures is the soundtrack to your winter.

Evan Klar is probably one of the most diverse artists I've come across. With a rich story, it's clear that Evan's knack for hard hitting lyrics comes from the fact that he's lived many lives. Half-German and half-Australian, Klar was raised in Singapore and then later moved to London to become a sessions player and touring artist. After touring with the likes of Charlie XCX and more, he moved to Melbourne, Australia and began to work on sound design for film and commercials. Around the same time, he started falling in love with writing his own music. It's no wonder Klar's music sounds like it could easily be the soundtrack to the next must-see Fox Spotlight flick. His latest album is equal parts exhilarating and relaxing. The music has a mellow simmer that excites and comforts at the same time. Listen to his latest album "Deepest Creatures"...

Struggling to make it through the last week before the holidays? Need a break from all of the Christmas music playing in your office, at the mall, in your car, and well, basically everywhere? Today, Evan takes over Popdust's #MUSICMONDAY and shares with us some of the music he's been listening to lately. A wide range of indie pop, folk, and some wild cards, this is a great mix to refresh your sound palette. Quite the array of songs, we know you'll love this one.

Kimbra | Top of the World

This just came out, Kimbra is fking awesome, I really like Kimbra.

Donso | Mogoya

Yup!! you probably haven't heard of Donso but its all next level.

Holy Holy | That Message

Melbourne goodies, such a tune!

Feist | Get Not High, Get Not Low

When she releases a new record they always fit with where I'm at in life. Feist will always be my favourite.

Mr Jukes | Tears

What Jack's put together in Mr Jukes is phenomenal, Just like his last solo works and just like Bombay.

Mac Demarco | Still Beating


​Fleet Foxes | Third of May

listen through the record if you haven't. It's as beautiful as their last and next.

Sheryl Crow | All I Wanna Do

Love a good wild card. When I was 8 I wish I hadn't felt scared to tell my friends that I like this song. Still in love though :P

Wim Martens | When the Line Grows Thick

My favourite is from What you See is what you hear. The cello version. A close friend sent me this the other day, its amazing, thanks Chris!

In addition to Klar's recent album release, he also recently released a live performance of his song "Sleep" with Collide. The video is a really cool inside look at the process of recording. The footage is raw and showcases what an artist Evan Klar is and what a kick ass drummer he is as well. Watch the full video...

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Anie Delgado is a contributor to Popdust and is an actress and musician based in NYC. Follow her on Instagram | Facebook | Twitter and check out her music on Spotify. Press inquiries here.

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