MUSIC MONDAY | Grind Time is a Good Time!

MARCH 26 | Injury Reserve, Nipsey Hussle, Casanova, Drake and more!

THE MIX | It's Grindtime

by Panáche Capone

03.26.18 | "Jealousy was a record that was birthed from anger and emotion. I had been through a betrayal situation like the day before I went and recorded the record. My lip was busted and I was low-key spitting the record through gritted teeth. But the beauty about Jealousy, is I found resolve AFTER I laid the record and began to perform it and what not. The production came from Hambo Hitz and the rest is history".

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This song is a bop. I love the vibe that I get from this record. It's like the song that you wanna ride to but it's still a vibe.

"Rap Niggas"

This record is full of boldness. It's a record declaring that Nipsey is nothing like his counterparts, and I relate to the record because I also have my own sound and live by a G code that not many left follow. Thus, my attachment to this record.

"A Hunnit A Show (ft Rick Ross)"

I love the vibe from this record. It's a go get the money type record. Makes me wanna get to the bag and make sure I get what I deserve for my hard work.

"Set Trippin"

This record gets me hype. Casanova gives me that old 50 vibe and as a gangsta, I relate.

"Dark Knight Dummo (ft Travis Scott)"

The hook for this record is like insane!!! That hook drew me in and when I first started playing it, it was on repeat for like 4-5times.

"WhoHasIt (ft SkiMask The SlumpGod)"

Something about this song is just dope. It's a good vibe song, but still piped enough to get a lil hype.


This song is just HYPE. Gets me on some rockstar head bopping lol. Gets me on my bully.

"Look Alive (ft Blocboy JB)"

This record is probably never going to get old. It just gets you in your zone. And the dance is mad dope (even though I can't hit it for anything lmbo).

"Everything (ft Lil Uzi Vert)"

G Herbo has always been one of my fav Chicago rappers. This song goes off & the feature from Lil Uzi was just smooth.


As I stated before, this record was birthed from anger/emotion and it's just a record that makes you wanna get to it, no matter who's rocking wit you or who isn't.

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