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music monday joey fortuna Music Monday—Joey Fortuna Is Bound, And On A Treadmill

There ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little bump and grind nepotism.

Because, what’s the point in slaving day-in-and-day-out for the man, if you can’t post good shit about your good friends from time to time?

One To Watch—Singer Songwriter Joey Fortuna

And, talking of good shit and good friends, let’s introduce you all to Popdust’s one and only Joey Fortuna.

The brother of Popdust founder, Kevin Fortuna, during the day Joey is one of those geeky tech dudes, you know, the annoying guys who get paid an insane fortune to basically tell you, “switch your computer off and back on again” when you suffer a catastrophic crash.

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But, at night, Joey really lets his hair down—figuratively speaking—busting out with his guitar and mouth organ, in hopes of providing some scant and much needed light entertainment for the overworked and underpaid Popdust employees in NYC.

In his time, Joey’s also played a few less prestigious venues, such as Rockwood Music Hall, The Bitter End, Norwood Club and Soho House. However, those two dime joints don’t boast a treadmill—and, as anyone who knows Joey knows only too well, dude’s body is a temple, and he never misses out on the chance to honor and improve-upon that already well-honed temple of his—even during an impromptu office performance on a dark and rainy Manhattan Monday night.

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So, kick back, light up a fat one, pour yourself a glass, crank up the volume, and enjoy Fortuna’s latest aural offering, I am Bound, performed by the great man himself, on a treadmill.

And, check out Joey’s website to learn more about the modern-day bald Bob Dylan.

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