Music Monday—Kristen Johnston Picks Her Favorite Pop Song!

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Kristen Johnston is one of our favorite people on earth.

Actress, activist, writer, and all-round classy bitch, the Exes star is a force to be reckoned with. We asked KJo to tell us about a song that has personal meaning, and her answer was, of course, perfect:

"Picking my favorite pop song ever is agonizingly difficult. But of them all, I'd have to say my favorite is 'Beyond Belief' by Elvis Costello," Kristen tells Popdust. "It's a magical, creepy song that's full of extraordinary lyrics that invoke a feeling of world-weariness more than any specific literal meaning.

"The end result is ghostly and magical and utterly riveting. He is, and will always be, the master."

Kristen opens up about her recent battle with a rare form of lupus in the recent issue of People magazine. If you haven't read her hilariously heartbreaking memoir GUTS yet, it's available right here!