If you remember Rihanna and Coldplay's song "Princess of China," with its big synth sound and tomahawk chop hook, it's probably from Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto album, where the song first appeared. You'd never know it from the song's official music video, however, which not only features Rihanna basically chilling by her lonesome, but even excises Coldplay's entire first verse leaving just the one Rihanna verse, a chorus and a long-ass outro in its 2:38 run time. Maybe Coldplay were busy on tour, or perhaps they just didn't feel like getting the "bunch of people sticking out hands behind your back to make you look like an Eastern deity" sort of treatment, but it's another step in the failure to properly promote a song that should've probably been a megahit for both artists.

Anyway, it's still a pretty cool 2:38. Especially if you're into arms, and who doesn't love arms?