The day is very nearly upon us for Lady Gaga's much-anticipated new video, second Born This Way single "Judas." The video, which Gaga has referred to as "the greatest ever," will first premiere Thursday, May 5, on the E! channel. The uncut clip will be shown at 7:00 PM EST, then again at 11:30 PM. In between the two, an edited version of the video will also be making an appearance on FOX's American Idol, during the 8 PM results episode. And be sure to check back on Popdust immediately following the E! premiere for instant analysis of the video's sure-to-be thought-provoking—something-provoking, anyway—content and imagery.

In the meantime, Gaga released a promotional shot from the video in the previously mentioned tweet, following in the motorbike-fixated theme of the album cover. "Motorcycle Fellini PopArt FantasyFilm," Gaga now calls the Judas clip. That actually sounds pretty straightforward for her.