Bad news, Japanese teen-pop fans: Your boy Justin Bieber might not be making it to Japan this year after all. After the disaster that hit the country earlier this year, members of Bieber's crew on the My World tour have trepidation about setting foot on Japanese shores, citing nuclear-related cancer risks and the possibility of another earthquake as the roots of their anxieties. Consequently, the mutiny has led to The Bieb's two upcoming Japan tour dates—Osaka on May 17th, Tokyo two days later—being cast in doubt.

According to TMZ, Bieber manager Scooter Braun was less than sympathetic when confronted with the crew's concerns, exploding at the crew and telling them to, and we quote, "Man the f*** up and do the right thing by these kids." (That mean you're covering medical bills, Scoot? Just asking.) Scooter cited noted man-the-f***-uppers Maroon 5 as an example of a band that was proceeding as planned through their Japan tour, and also mentioned that the country's government had proclaimed both cities safe for travel. Still, the situation remains unresolved.

In more positive Bieber-related news, they finally caught that damned rapscallion that egged The Bieb at an Australian tour date earlier this week, making the streets of Sydney once again safe for unassuming teen pop stars. The unnamed 17-year-old was brought in to Sydney Children's Court on charges of breaking and entering, trespassing and malicious damage, and was released on bail. Police have concluded that the young criminal mastermind entered Acer Arena through the roof.

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