As “Call Me Maybe” lingers on the charts and her follow-up hit with Owl City, “Good Time,” finishes out a strong showing in our Pop-Off, the pressure is on for Carly Rae Jepsen to keep things percolating heading into the September 18th release of her album Kiss. This weekend she cranks the heat up a notch by sharing a a handwritten list of the disc's song titles. Carly already defied expectations by avoiding all literal references to k-i-s-s-i-n-g on the cover. So what do these 16 song titles tell us?

A. She's still cool with cutesy. ("Tiny Little Bows," "Guitar String / Wedding Ring," "Sweetie")

B. But not everything needs to be a totally uncomplicated "Good Time." ("Hurt So Good," "Wrong Feels So Right," "Tonight I'm Getting Over You")

C. Either way, she can appreciate a good Ryan Gosling flick. Or, at least, a song you're meant to turn up in the car. ("Drive")

Here's the full, non-adorably-handwritten list of songs:

1. Tiny Little Bows

2. This Kiss

3. Call Me Maybe

3. Curiosity

5. Good Time

6. More Than A Memory

7. Turn Me Up

8. Hurt So Good

9. Beautiful

10. Tonight I’m Getting Over You

11. Guitar String / Wedding Ring

12. Heart Is A Muscle

13. Drive

14. Wrong Feels So Right

15. Sweetie

16. Almost Said It

[Perez Hilton]