Modern Warfare Remastered Expansion Trailer Reveals 6 Classic Maps

Get your P90s ready, people.

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It might hurt to admit, but Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is kind of sick. It might seem like a low-effort money-grab to have simply remastered a classic Call of Duty title and watch the money pile up, and it probably was. But in a series that regularly comes within a hair's breadth of zero improvement with its annual installment, what's old is new again and I'm loving it. It also helps that COD 4 is an easy pick for the GOAT (although I personally prefer COD 5).

Well, in what might be a wink-and-nudge acknowledgement of this guaranteed success, COD:MWR players will get six additional maps, all of which are certifiable classics, in the forthcoming December update for free.

That's right, CoD fans, these new maps will be free of charge for players who already bought the game. This is a far cry from those middle school days when I would harass my parents for enough Microsoft Points (1600, to be exact) to play on the new maps. I'm sure we'll pay dearly for this privilege (if we haven't already) in some sort of Rumpelstiltskin-esque future, but for now it's a sweet deal.

The Maps

Depicted above, all of the additions are classics from the original Modern Warfare game and its fan-beloved map packs. e Wet Works is the damp and dusky semi-symmetrical zone map where we've all spent countless hours noob-tubing our friends when they get close to the plant point in Sabotage mode or the capture point in HQ.

Showdown was perhaps the most famous map from MW because of its clear ripped-from-the-headlines depiction of a Middle Eastern Dictator's statue a la Sadam Hussein. It has a dangerous balcony perimeter surrounding a forum that serves as an arena for aggressive players (who eventually become fodder for the sneaky riflemen posted up top).

Countdown was also one of the most recognizable zones in MW because of its central importance to the main storyline and its prominence in trailers. It's a medium-large sized map that was very popular for any mode from Team Deathmatch to Sabotage.

Strike has always been one of the best Call of Duty maps for objective-based games like Headquarters or Domination because of its three-story death chamber with multiple points of entry that make it equally tempting for campers and full-frontal raiders.

The other two maps, Pipeline and Bloc were relatively less popular but both have their own charming idiosyncrasies, Bloc with its humorous homages to Russian architecture and Pipeline with its parkour-friendly landscape.

Ultimately this update will bring the total of multiplayer maps to 16 in addition to adding two game modes, Gun Game and Hardpoint. The update will go live on December 13th, preceding a holiday update to the Crash map.

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