My 600-LB Life—Junk Food Junkie Marla Is Eating Herself To Death

My 600-LB Life—Junk Food Junkie Marla Is Eating Herself To Death

The season 3 finale of My 600-LB Life promises to be every bit as compelling and heartbreaking as all the episodes have been before it.

Tonight, the hit TLC show features the story of Marla, a self-confessed junk food junkie, who is literally eating herself into an early grave—Popdust has exclusive sneak peek video.

Marla's actual weight is unknown, but it's estimated to be around the 800-lb mark—she is so heavy that she is unable to stand-up and is permanently confined to her bed, forcing her family to look after her full time.

Part of looking after Marla involves grocery shopping, and despite their best efforts to encourage her to eat healthier—what Marla wants, Marla gets—and that involves a whole TON of junk food.

“When you go shopping for her, it's not what she needs to be eating, or what she should be eating, it's about what she want to eat," Marla's daughter explains. “f you don't come back with what she wants, she's mad."

“I bring her stuff, because I know that's what's going to make her happy," she continues. “She loves food. It's been her biggest issue, period."

And Marla loves it indeed—explaining that even though she knows all the junk food is killing her, just like any other kind of junkie, she just can not quit.

“When I start eating those foods, I can't stop," Marla admits. “I love the way it all tastes, I love the way it makes me feel. It's my comfort, but I know the food is killing me….and it's keeping me from being a part of my kids' lives."

Marla's family is also aware she is eating herself to death, and is terrified she will die if she doesn't get help soon.

“If she don't lose the weight, I'm afraid that she'll pass. I'm afraid I'll lose my mom," her tearful daughter says.

“I'm worried my kids are gonna come in here and find me dead one day," Marla says, as she sits atop her bed and fries up a tasty snack of battered fish, adds sauce and cheese, and wraps it all in a thick slice of white bread.

“The idea of that horrifies me," she says, taking a large gulp from a bottle of soda. “I need to do something fast, or that may happen. I need to change, or I'm gonna die."

Poor, poor Marla…..

Watch the sneak peek video below—check out Popdust's photo gallery—and tune into TLC tonight at 9/8c to watch the season 3 finale of My 600-LB Life

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