My Five Wives— Brady Williams Daughters’ Views On Polygamy May Surprise You

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Brady Williams’ daughters have all been born and raised in a seemingly happy and harmonious polygamous family—so it may surprise you to learn their thoughts on plural marriage.

In this Sunday’s season premiere of TLC’s My Five Wives, Williams’ eldest daughters discuss whether or not they feel they could happily embrace a polygamist lifestyle—and the answer appears to be a resounding “no.”

Popdust has sneak peek video of the girls’ discussion, where they talk about witnessing their dad’s struggle to keep five different wives happy, and deal with all the emotional roller coasters that inevitably brings.

I mean, can you even imagine? Most guys struggle to keep even one spouse happy!!

As Popdust previously reported, My Five Wives follows the day-to-day lives of 43-year-old Williams, his 24 children, and multiple spouses—Paulie, 41, Robyn, 40, Rosemary, 40, Nonie, 35, and Rhonda, 34—who all co-habit in a large family property outside Sat Lake City, Utah.

You can catch the season premiere Sunday at 10/9c on TLC

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