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My600lblife—Poor Marla Is Still Bedridden And She's Frustrated As Hell

My600lblife Marla bedridden frustrated and desperate to get excess skin surgery so she can finally live life again

On tonight's episode of My600LbLife Where Are They Now? we check back in with season three's Marla McCants from Nashville, Tennessee.

When we first met Marla last year, she was an estimated 800Lbs in weight.

She was bedridden and totally dependent on her daughters, Britney, Sierra and Adele, for her every day needs and care.

As Popdust previously reported, Marla, a self-confessed junk food junkie, was literally eating herself to death—and seemed unable to stop.

Growing up, Marla never had an issue with her weight—but that changed after a deeply traumatic event occurred at the hands of her then-boyfriend.

When Marla tried to break-up with the boyfriend he “lost it".

Like seriously lost it.

He kidnapped Marla, held her at gunpoint and even shot the two police officers who tried to rescue her before she finally managed to escape.

She was terrified to leave the house following the ordeal, and lived in constant fear of the boyfriend tracking her down and kidnapping her again.

Marla turned to junk food for comfort and began seriously overeating.

By the time the boyfriend was finally apprehended, Marla was already 700Lbs and her junk food addiction was firmly ingrained.

Her addiction became so ridiculously out of control that doctors warned the 44-year-old that she may only have weeks to live.

However, with a lot of dedication and hard work, Marla finally managed to lose the pounds required to undergo weight loss surgery.

Eight months on and she has continued to drop the pounds—an astounding 266 of them!

Marla is now down to 534 pounds—but, the excess skin she's been left with following her drastic weight loss, is seriously hampering her mobility.

So, despite all her hard work and discipline, Marla is still pretty much bedridden.

And, not surprisingly, she's frustrated as hell.

Watch sneak peek video below—and tune into TLC tonight at 9/8c to catch the new episode of My600Lb Life Where Are They Now?

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My600lblife Marla bedridden frustrated and desperate

Extreme Obesity | Junk Food Addict Marla Is Eating Herself To Death

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