Mysterious Glory Hole Driller Strikes Again In Florida


Police in Florida are hunting a persistent Glory Hole Driller.

For those who may be unsure what a 'glory hole' is, the Urban Dictionary describes it as;

"A hole in a wall in either a public restroom or peephole, used to give oral sex to the inhabitants of said areas. "

In case you are anxious about the practicalities of such an arrangement, be assured that;

"In higher class establishments, this hole will be fabricated with duck tape to prevent genital chaffing."

Apparently there is a whole protocol around the use of a Glory Hole (is nothing simple in life?);

"There are rules to follow for using these holes. If you are looking to have someone suck your penis, then you should stand in front of the hole and wave your erect penis around in front of it. If the other guy wants to suck it, he will stick his finger into the hole and tap the bottom of the hole a few times. That is your signal to stick your penis in the hole.

For guys looking to suck penis, they should be on their knees tapping their finger in the hole. You could also open your mouth and stick out your tongue in front of the hole as an obvious signal to the guys who don't know about the tapping. "

Who knew?

Well clearly the municipal employee who contacted police last week to report that such a hole had appeared inside the men's bathroom at Treasure Shores Beach in Vero Beach.

Brad Dewson turned up to work and discovered "a circular hole drilled into the divider walls separating the urinals from the toilets". He told police that it wasn't the first hole of this type to appear as he had previously patched up a similar hole.

According to the police report on The Smoking Gun, the size of the hole wasn't described, but it's intended use was. The sheriff's deputy efficiently noted; "Based on the location of where the hole was drilled, it is commonly used for male subjects to place their genitalia through it and have oral sex performed on them."

Well said!

Users of glory holes are advised to be careful (in more than the obvious way) that they are getting the action they expect. Earlier this month a cop in Missouri was arrested for luring up to sixty, yes sixty, straight men to an anonymous glory hole at his home by posing as a woman in an ad on Craigslist. He then secretly recorded the resulting blow jobs and uploaded the videos a gay adult film site he ran. He certainly showed entrepreneurial initiative if nothing else!

Back in Florida, police have no leads as to who the mystery glory hole driller may be and the case (and for the time being the bathroom), has been marked "inactive".

glory hole driller

glory hole driller

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