Naomi Campbell Lingerie Photos Show She Hasn’t Aged A Day In 25 Years

naomi campbell lingerie photos aged Show She Hasn’t Aged A Day In 26 Years

The Yamamay Naomi Campbell lingerie photos show she hasn’t aged a single day in 25 years—seriously, it's insane.

Some things get better with age—but, Campbell just stays the goddamn same, and when we say the same, we mean, just as jaw-droppingly stunning as the day she first strutted her God-given goods down the catwalk, when she was just an unknown teen model from Streatham, London.

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Case in point

Compare this photo of 20-year-old Campbell, from when she posed for Helmut Lang back in 1990—to this photo of 45-year-old Campbell from her lingerie shoot, photographed by Mario Testino.

There really is no justice in this world!!!!

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We can try to make ourselves feel better, by pretending the Yamamay pics are photoshopped to hell, but, c’mon now, this is Naomi friggin’ Campbell—the supermodel diva O.G.—you know girlfriend hasn’t got a single dimple of cellulite, or a solitary stretch mark, on even one inch of her 5’9 1/2 “ frame.

The 45-year-old, who turns 46 in May, stripped down and dared to bare her bodacious bod, in absolutely fabulous lingerie, to promote her design line for the Italian innerwear company.

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From diva to designer

Campbell’s limited edition range, titled, IamNaomiCampbell, includes seven collections in total, all worked in a nocturnal color palette, including black and purple, and enriched with precious decors—each one equally super-sexy and gorgeous.

Although, it has to be said, the chances of any mere mortal looking even a tenth as hot as Campbell, in any of her lingerie, are slim to none.

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Because, let’s face it, she may be crazy as mother-fucking hell, with four—yep, FOUR—separate convictions for assault under her supermodel belt—but daaaamnnn, there’s no denying that Naomi Campbell is also beautiful as mother-fucking hell.

There’s a reason she was declared “the reigning megamodel of them all."

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