For all the many reasons that Life is Good is Nas' best work in ages, the primary one probably has to be the tone he hits with the four or five songs on the album dealing partially or entirely with the dissolution of his relationship with R&B star and ex-wife Kelis. Never the most emo of rappers, getting that kind of personal look into Nas' emotional state at such a vulnerable time in his life made for some extremely compelling listening, and reconnected audiences with the MC who's been around now for two decades.

Audiences at Nas' Under the Bridge show in London were treated to another dose of that kind of private divulgence last night, where NME reports that Nas confessed a recent moment of weakness in his dealings with his ex:

You know, I text her the other night. I said, can we make love one more time? Seriously!

No report from the British music magazine about Nas saying she either accepted or declined, though in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, we're going to guess she declined. Still, it's that kind of honesty that's helped reinvigorate Nas' rapping of late, and even if his moment of (possibly alcohol-induced) self-indulgence was ill-advised, we're proud of him for telling us. Cue the "Marvin's Room."