Freaky Friday—For Some, Nasolingus is Nothing to Sneeze At

Sucking face just got a whole lot weirder.

Who "nose" why a person would want to suck on another's nose, or have theirs sucked by someone else, let alone become aroused by the process, but for those who have the fetish of nasolingus, nose sucking brings "sucking face" a whole new meaning.

As per Huffington Post, nasolingus is "arousal to sucking on a person's nose" and no, this isn't sponsored by Kleenex. With all the boogers and snot, not to mention the straggly nose hair situation, why this act would be arousing is essentially nauseating. Well at least for those who do not suck nose as foreplay.

What about zits, makeup, oils, and other gnarly nose inhabitants that would wind up between your lips after a good nose slurp? And is this external only, or is there "French" nose sucking with some nostril navigation involved? Are big noses more attractive or is a button nose easier to work with? So many questions for something I never wanted to think about.


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Then there's the logistics. Does a nose sucker just go for it during a make out session or must this sexual preference be discussed beforehand? One may think the kissing simply went off course. And surely not everyone is into this act, or would even tolerate it. What about the sudden sneeze or runny nose? Cherry ChapStick tastes good but salty mucus isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Then there's the breath issue. If the sucker has just eaten garlic hummus or wants to suck nose first thing in the morning, that death breath will be right up there in the recipient's olfactory glands. Not a pleasurable experience to say the least. Smells fishy to me.

While everyone has their sexual preferences and some go to the extremes, all in all, nasolingus isn't one of the freakiest, but I'm still turning my nose up to the fetish.

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