Natalie White, Topless Artist Wants Us To Make More Money!

Natalie White topless artist—So basically, this smokin' hot chick gets naked, and it's artistic as hell

Meet Natalie White- the toast of Manhattan's art world!

The West Virginia mountain mama relocated to the Big City with nothing but a high school education and a rockin' bod. Soon she became a muse to some of the biggest names in art, and now she is on a mission to change the constitution to include the Equal Rights Amendment for Women.

So basically, this smokin' hot chick gets naked, and it's artistic as hell.

No but seriously, check it out!

Her shows consists of installations and performance called "Instant Gratification," that addresses women's rights, and onanism.

Don't know what onanism is? Don't worry- I looked it for us.

Onanism definition, withdrawal of the penis in sexual intercourse so that ejaculation takes place outside the vagina; coitus interruptus.

Natalie boldly presents us with some arresting visual displays of of her stunning earth suit, and sends a powerful message in the process.

POPDUST: I am personally a fan of female nudity but a lot of critics would say that appearing naked as a way to battle crusade for women's rights is antithetical to the process?

NATALIE WHITE: I believe that the only thing that it takes to be a feminist is to believe that women deserve equal rights and equal opportunities. Women can choose to live their lives in many different ways, I express myself as an artist by using my body. No one has to accept my work or my way of life to follow my message that women deserve equal rights in the U.S. Constitution.

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PD: What are you saying with your naked and nearly naked body?

NW: That I own my body and I can use it in any way I want. Early on in my career I was the muse to many different artists, my body was the subject of their artwork. By using my own body as my artwork its a way of taking it back for myself.

PD: Is it a coincidence that you happen to have fantastic boobs?

NW: I didn't even know that I had great breasts until I saw them in a polaroid. In middle school and high school I was really flat chested and made fun of for it. Then one day they appeared and I still didn't think they were good enough, not until I saw them in that polaroid. It liberated me from all of those feelings of not being good enough and made me realize all of the things I was taught I should be shameful of should be celebrated.


PD: What took you in this direction as an artist?

NW: I was really tired of hearing from people that of course my work was great because it was shot by (fill in the blank, famous photographer). I knew I had a lot to do with the work not only as the subject but also with coming up with the ideas and execution of the work. I had to prove to myself and everyone else that I could stand alone as an artist myself. When I was coming up with ideas of what I was going to do first I thought, "Well, if I'm good enough for them, I'm good enough for me." There was also the fact that I was free and available on all of the dates I wanted to work :). With myself as the subject and the artist I had full control over the process and end result.

PD: How did Peter Beard discover you?

NW: I was in Bungalow 8, I had no idea who he was or who anyone in the art world was. I was just a young girl discovering New York City for the first time.


PD: Obviously you know he also discovered David Bowie's wife, super model Iman

NW: Yes, I was made aware of that shortly after meeting him. I'm in good company.

PD: I knew Peter well, is it safe to say you've done a lot of cocaine?

NW: I don't do drugs or drink alcohol, I've seen the way it can effect people's lives in a negative way. When I was younger I drank alcohol and I don't like the way it made me feel when I was drinking, and especially not the next day. I still go out at night sometimes till 6:00am and people all around me are doing drugs and drinking- but I just drink water or juice. I don't judge people who drink or do drugs, it just doesn't make me feel good when I do it.

PD: Do alcohol or drugs influence your art in any way?

NW: Yeah, when I did drink it made me not be able to execute anything the next day. So all of those great ideas never went very far.

PD: I think one of the greatest injustices women face is that they cannot be sexual without facing dire consequences. Teenage girls commit suicide with regularity for being “slut shamed" on social media. The slut/stud is still very much in play. What can we do to reverse that?

NW: Everyone in the world needs to realize that sex is enjoyable for both genders. Last time I checked everyone I know got here because 2 people had sex. I realized at an early age that I didn't need acceptance from anyone except myself. It didn't matter what anyone said about me in newspapers, online, or at parties because I like who I am and I know that I am a person of integrity. I chose to live a different lifestyle than most people, I don't need acceptance from anyone else.

You were quoted as saying, “I would never do porn, I would never have sex with someone on tape. That would be way too much for my parents to handle."

PD: Do you think there's shame in doing porn?

NW: I don't think there is any shame between 2 consenting adults and what they choose to do with their bodies.

PD: What celeb would you most like to see naked?

Barrack Obama

PD: You have 5 minutes alone with Kim Kardashian. What would you say to her?

NW: I would ask her as a liberated woman to use her platform to fight for The Equal Rights Amendment for all women! #MarchforERA

I have organized a march from NYC to DC starting July 8th at WhiteBox NYC, where "Natalie White for Equal Rights" is showing.

We're going to do 10 miles in the morning rest, 5-10 miles at night, then have a party, protest, rock and roll bands will be playing; and then we will sleep in RVs and the next morning we will wake up and do it all over again.

We will end our march at the US Capitol building with a massive protest on July 23rd asking Congress to Pass the Equal Rights Amendment.


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