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Help Celebrate National Dog Day—Send Us Your Cute Canine & Mangy Mutt Photos!

Because there is no love like that of a four legged friend.....

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national dog day readers dog photos—From posh pedigrees to mangy old mutts to once abandoned rescue and shelter dogs, they're all man's best friend

Forget about those tawdry old Readers Wives.. here at Popdust, we are all about Readers' Dogs.

To celebrate National Dog Day—yep, it's a real thing, and why the hell not?!!—we've compiled a gallery of readers' super cute canines.

I mean, who doesn't love an adorable puppy pic?

From posh pedigrees to mangy old mutts to once abandoned and unloved rescue and shelter dogs, they're all man's best friend at the end of the day.

And, they are all beautiful in their own unique way.

But, don't just take my word for it, check out Popdust's gallery of national dog day readers dog photos below.

And if you have a cute pics of your own fabulous Fido, either from way back when or from the present day—either still with us or long gone—then send them over, along with your doggie's name, to max@popdust and we'll add them in.

Meanwhile, if you're in the mood (and are financially able) to show a little $ love for our less fortunate four legged friends out there in the big bad world, you can make a donation to the Animal Welfare Institute.

The organization gets an A+ rating from CharityWatch—guaranteeing that your hard earned money will be used exactly as intended, not frittered away on bloated admin costs....

Also, head to PETA to learn more about their rescue program and see animals you can adopt!

And check out famed Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda's beautiful ode to his dearly departed dog

My dog has died.
I buried him in the garden
next to a rusted old machine.
Some day I'll join him right there,
but now he's gone with his shaggy coat,
his bad manners and his cold nose,
and I, the materialist, who never believed
in any promised heaven in the sky
for any human being,
I believe in a heaven I'll never enter.
Yes, I believe in a heaven for all dogdom
where my dog waits for my arrival
waving his fan-like tail in friendship.
Ai, I'll not speak of sadness here on earth,
of having lost a companion
who was never servile.
His friendship for me, like that of a porcupine
withholding its authority,
was the friendship of a star, aloof,
with no more intimacy than was called for,
with no exaggerations:
he never climbed all over my clothes
filling me full of his hair or his mange,
he never rubbed up against my knee
like other dogs obsessed with sex.
No, my dog used to gaze at me,
paying me the attention I need,
the attention required
to make a vain person like me understand
that, being a dog, he was wasting time,
but, with those eyes so much purer than mine,
he'd keep on gazing at me
with a look that reserved for me alone
all his sweet and shaggy life,
always near me, never troubling me,
and asking nothing.
Ai, how many times have I envied his tail
as we walked together on the shores of the sea
in the lonely winter of Isla Negra
where the wintering birds filled the sky
and my hairy dog was jumping about
full of the voltage of the sea's movement:
my wandering dog, sniffing away
with his golden tail held high,
face to face with the ocean's spray.
Joyful, joyful, joyful,
as only dogs know how to be happy
with only the autonomy
of their shameless spirit.
There are no good-byes for my dog who has died,
and we don't now and never did lie to each other.
So now he's gone and I buried him,
and that's all there is to it.

Scroll down to check out Popdust's gallery of national dog day readers dog photos below.

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Check out Popdust's gallery of national dog day readers dog photos:

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