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NationalDrinkBeerDay Is A Real Thing—Now Go Get Your Drink On

Go on.... you know you want to.....

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National Drink Beer Day celebrate music playlist—Although every day for us is drink beer day, it's always better to do so when you have a really good excuse

These days there's a "day" for just about everything you can think of.

Here's just a few from the month of September:

  • Emma M. Nutt Day
  • National Cherry Popover Day
  • International Bacon Day
  • National Mud Pack Day
  • Crush a Can Day
  • Elephant Appreciation Day
  • Miniature Golf Day
  • Talk Like A Pirate Day
  • National Apple Dumpling Day
  • Felt Hat Day
  • Make Your Bed Day

Now, we don't know about you, but here at Popdust we struggle to get excited about crushing cans, felt hats, miniature golf and Emma M. Nutt—whoever the hell she is.

Oh, OK, we just Googled her—apparently she was the first female telephone operator.


And, we certainly can't get excited about Make Your Bed Day, because that would entail us actually getting up out of our stinking pit in order to do so.

But, today is a day we can really throw our heart and soul into.

As today, our friends, is National Drink Beer Day.


Although every day for us is drink beer day pretty much, it's always better to do so when you have a really good excuse—and what better excuse, aside from Saint Patrick's, than National Drink Beer Day?

It kinda feels it would be a travesty, and highly disrespectful not to mark such an important holiday, right?

It's right up there with Thanksgiving and 4th of July.

For those who are wondering, National Drink Beer Day is an annual occurrence around the world—and is all about, well, c'mon... it's all there in the name peeps.

Beer is one of the oldest man made beverages in history, with some breweries dating back as far as 1040.

That's some serious legacy....that requires some serious observation.

Be sure to tell your buzz kill boss that if he or she attempts to object to you buggering off down the pub right now.

To mark this very special of all the special holidays, Popdust has compiled a playlist to help you get your drink on—like you need any assistance.


Oh, on a side note: it's also National Neighbor Day today, but who gives a fuck about the neighbors?

In that spirit, crank up the volume, crack open a cold one and would be decidedly un-American not to.


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