Following endless speculation around the future of the Glee cast comes a gem from their past. While Lea Michele starred in Spring Awakening and Heather Morris was dancing alongside Beyoncé, not all of the show's cast members lived a charmed, pre-Lima life in the biz. Amber Riley was rejected by Simon Cowell and Cory Monteith grew up in Canada. But perhaps no character experienced as much trauma as Naya Rivera, who suffered through a few minutes as a college student and a pole dancer on Spike TV's short-lived Wild World of Spike in 2007. Her brief appearance doesn't showcase her singing voice or wit, and it's exactly what you'd expect from the dude network—a couple of oafs ogling nearly naked girls—given its programming track record. Still, it's nowhere near as embarrassing as ad for Mutual Savings Bank! And Rivera's prowess on the pole proves that Ryan Murphy is not using all of her available talents in those show choir and cheerleading routines. Think of this clip whenever you feel the urge to insult the Glee cast, and remember that it wasn't always #1 albums and 3D concert movies.

[Vulture via PerezHilton]