The hits just keep coming for the poor W.I.P. Club, site of the now-legendary brawl between Chris Brown and Drake's entourages a couple Thursdays ago in New York. The club already was closed down in the fallout from the Breezy/Drizzy incident, and now it's facing its most high-profile lawsuit to date—from San Antonio Spurs star point guard Tony Parker, who was regrettably in attendance during the brawl, and suffered a corneal injury in the fracas. The $20 million suit is over the club's lack of security, which Parker says never should have let the pop stars in at the same time—which led to Parker's injury, which may cost him playing time during the upcoming NBA season, or for Team France in the Olympics this summer.

We understand—the NBA season's over as of last night, and it's a long and boring off-season without a civil suit to keep you busy. Maybe in the future though, Tony, you just stay away from the pop star haunts altogether—there's no telling what kinda muscle strains or ligament tears you might ever suffer as a result.