Nelly Furtado Debuts New Song "Parking Lot" Live

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Nelly Furtado's singles have been frustratingly hit-or-miss ("Big Hoops," to us, is a hit, but nobody seems to agree; half of "The Spirit Indestructible" is a miss until it lurches into a hit and back), so a new track isn't as automatically exciting as it should be.

That said, new track "Parking Lot," which Furtado debuted at the Sayers Club on July 19, does have us a little excited for the studio version. Below, some things worth noting:

- There's enough of a particular guitar sound--you know the one, you've heard it--that it's plausible this could actually be a radio hit (something that Furtado, thus far, hasn't had for her album.)

- There's cowbell.

- There's some of that half-singing, half-rapping mode she's particularly good at. Part of it mentions "brands, baby," but we can't have everything.

- Wordless-syllable breakdown/bridge/pre-chorus! That becomes a fade-out, as it should.

- Completely unrelated to the song: her skirt is very pink and kind of awesome.

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