Nelly's new single "Hey Porsche" really puts the theory to the test that there's never been a bad song whose title started with the word "Hey." "Porsche" isn't a bad song, per se, but it's certainly not a particularly good one—Nelly's model in its crafting appears to be Flo Rida's deplorable chart-topper "Whistle," using the same mixture of acoustic guitar, light drum shuffle and sung-rapped vocal, though without even the distinctive whistle hook that at least made the Flo song instantly memorable, if not quite likeable.

Nelly's never really been above trend-hopping, but usually the producers he's bandwagon-jumping and artists he's ripping off have been of a higher level of quality and credibility than Flo Rida. It's starting to feel like a real, real long time since the days when Nelly owned just about every summer with some of the best, most trend-setting pop-rap jams of his era. We never realized just how good we had it with "Shake Ya Tailfeather" and "Air Force Ones."