NeNe Leakes is SLAMMING Bravo for letting Kenya Moore turn The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion into a complete shitshow.

As Popdust previously reported, Kenya threatened to boycott the show after Porsha Stewart wiped the floor with her (quite literally) at the reunion, and Andy Cohen pretended he didn't think things would get out of hand when Kenya was allowed to use props during the taping.

The other cast members are rallying around Porsha, and NeNe is pointing the finger squarely at Bravo for not only enabling Kenya but flat-out encouraging her to be a bitch.

Here is NeNe in her own words:

"I’ve sat through many reunion shows, but this one takes the cake for me! My feelings are simple! You TAUNT, you INVADE people’s personal space, you PUSH, you PROVOKE, you LIE and yet you don’t condone violence! Well, what message are you sending? I feel like I’ve been put in provoking situations all season!

1) Bringing Marlo to the Bailey Bowl when I was always told that she wasn’t the Bravo brand

2) Allowing Kenya to pull my ear during the “All White” party in episode 1

3) Pushing me into a charity event that everyone knew I wasn’t invited to!

If I had reacted in a violent manner in any of these situations I would be considered the bad one, the one that is wrong, the one that is mean. But at the same time is all of THIS really ok? I wanna hear from you! When is it “okay” to BULLY someone, then question retaliation? Should there have been a halt to the foolish antics? Should PROPS be allowed in situations such as this? Speak On It!"

We agree with NeNe 100 per cent - Kenya Moore has got to go! #ByeAshy