PREVIEW | What's coming to Netflix in July?

STREAMING | We've got you covered on the latest coming to the streaming service - especially (!!!!) Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Recent months have been big over at Netflix HQ. In just the past six months, we've been given over a hundred original Netflix series, all reaching measurable amounts of success. March brought us the second season of Judd Apatow's critically-acclaimed rom-com Love, as well as the controversial 13 Reasons Why. Charlie McDowell's The Discovery was a decent introduction into the world of Netflix feature films, starring a cast of Rooney Mara, Jason Segel and Robert Redford that left us asking for more. More, more, more - we have so much to watch at our disposal, but Netflix has brought out the greedy, drama-addicted couch surfers in all of us.

April brought Louis C.K.'s original stand-up special, the first season of Dear White People, and Bill Nye Saves The World. June gave us the latest season of Orange is the New Black - need I say more? With so much going on, it makes sense that July would ultimately be the slowest month so far. There's a long list of favorites leaving the streaming platform - Blondie's New York comes to mind, as well as a handful of documentaries - but there's a few gems coming in, too.

July will see the premiere of less original Netflix series and more favorites that are perfect for staying in on a rainy summer night. If you haven't, for whatever reason, watched Rogue One: A Star Wars Story yet, mark your calendar for July 18 as it'll be landing on the streaming platform. Nostalgia is hitting us hard this month, with Titanic making an appearance on Netfix's roster as well. Other features we're excited to stream include Aditi Mittal's Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say, The Void, and Last Night.

Titanic (July 1)

Titanic is the one film that we could watch over and over and never get tired of. The love story between Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) is one that has lingered in our hearts growing up, making it a touching revisit as well as a reminder of one of history's saddest tales. As James Cameron famously told Industry Central, "I wanted to do something very different. I mean, Gone With the Wind is not about the burning of Atlanta. The Civil War is the backdrop for that, and the sinking of the Titanic is the backdrop for this story. You can learn a lot of Titanic history from [my] film. All of the historical stuff is done absolutely rigorously and correctly. We didn't take any liberties just because it's a fictional story at its core. Even the story of Jack and Rose is entirely permissible on the ship. The car they go into in the hold to make love? That car was there. It was a red 35-horsepower Renault car owned by William E. Carter and insured for $2,500, which he did collect. As far as we know, it's still down there. Maybe I'm just amusing myself, maybe it's entirely masturbatory, but I was trying to find a way to tell a fictional story within very rigid confines of known history."

Star Wars: Rogue One (July 18)

Rogue One made waves last year - accumulating over $700 million worldwide in it's opening week, it quickly became the highest-grossing film released in 2016 alone. The latest chapter in the universe we love so dearly is one we didn't know we needed in order to say goodbye to the one and only Carrie Fisher, our Princess Leia. "Making "Star Wars" is a team sport, really. You can't make these massive movies completely on your own. Even from the costumes to the guns to the ships to the VFX, it's a real team effort," director Gareth Edwards told LA Times. "And honestly, if anyone takes credit for all of it, it should be George Lucas. We're just borrowing it. George gave it to the world and it's like this precious thing you get to hold for a moment and do your thing with it and then you have to give it back. "Star Wars" doesn't belong to you. You borrow it from the world."

Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say (July 18)

So Netflix got the hint that we've been dropping since the beginning of time: that's enough with the white male comedians. Women can be funny, too - especially those of color. Aditi Mittal has brought us a stand-up special that's full of Bollywood jokes, wearing thongs and being single in a growing metropolis area. "Aditi Mittal is an 'abla nari' who is sick of being an abla nari and has recently become an 'a-Blah nari.' After years of being told to, ''Be quiet, sit down, and be seen, not heard!'' she would like to say a few things," says her Facebook page.

Read on to see the schedule dates of releases coming to Netflix this month:

July 1

  • Titanic
  • The Originals: Season 4
  • Free Willy
  • Disney's The Mighty Ducks
  • Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
  • Capo "El amo del tunel": Season 1
  • El Barco: Season 1
  • The Truth Is in the Stars
  • Deep Water: Season 1
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  • Hostages (Israel): Season 2
  • Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang
  • The Invisible Guest (Contratiempo)
  • Albion: The Enchanted Stallion
  • Liar's Dice
  • Offspring: Season 6
  • Boat Trip
  • Mixed Signals
  • Delicatessen
  • Caramel
  • Yours Fatefully: Season 1
  • The Ultimatum: Season 1
  • Unriddle II
  • Unriddle
  • Yes We Can!: Season 1
  • Spice Up: Season 1
  • World at Your Feet: Season 1
  • Emma
  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
  • Last Night
  • Out of Thin Air
  • Witnesses: Season 2
  • The Longest Yard
  • Jackass: Number Two
  • Punch-Drunk Love
  • Are We There Yet?
  • Are We Done Yet?
  • The Land Before Time
  • Dad
  • The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure
  • The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving
  • Here Alone
  • Spawn: The Movie
  • Code Name: The Cleaner
  • The Astronaut Farmer
  • Best in Show
  • Proof of Life
  • Matchstick Men
  • Taking Lives
  • Police Academy

July 2

  • El Chema: Season 1

July 3

  • Diamond Cartel
  • Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story

July 4

  • The Standups: Season 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

July 5

  • iZombie: Season 3

July 6

  • Speech & Debate
  • The Void
  • Butter

July 7

  • Castlevania: Season 1 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Dawn of the Croods: Season 4 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Degrassi: Next Class: Season 4 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • Luna Petunia: Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL
  • 1 Mile to You (Life At These Speeds)

July 8

  • Bad Santa 2
  • Horse Dancer

July 9

  • Lion

July 11

  • Gabriel Iglesias Presents The Gentleman Jerry Rocha

July 14

  • Friends From College: Season 1
  • To the Bone
  • Chasing Coral
  • Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile

July 15

  • Rake: Season 4
  • West Coast Customs: Season 4

July 17

  • Uncertain Glory
  • Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness
  • A Cowgirl's Story

July 18

  • Aditi Mittal: Things They Wouldn't Let Me Say
  • Ari Shaffir: Double Negative: Collection
  • Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce: Season 3
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

July 20

  • Pretty Little Liars: Season 7B

July 21

  • Ozark: Season 1
  • Last Chance U: Season 2
  • The Worst Witch: Season 1

July 22

  • Railroad Tigers

July 24

  • Victor

July 25

  • Joe Mande's Award-Winning Comedy Special
  • Munroe Island

July 28

  • The Incredible Jessica James
  • Daughters of Destiny: Season 1
  • The Adventures of Puss in Boots: Season 5

July 31

  • After The Reality
  • Checkpoint
  • Dark Night
  • Taking Earth
  • Being Mary Jane: The Series: Season 4

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