There's nothing we love like a little pop star Twitter feud. Tempers are high, the stakes are low, and even artists not known for their wit can unleash a classic zinger if the mood is right.

That's why it was so disappointing to see the latest celebrity Twitter spat peter out just as it was getting interesting. But oh, how it showed such promise at the start! You had two artists of diametrically opposed temperaments—flamboyant diva Lady Gaga and dour Scottish DJ Calvin Harris—slugging it out over the important matter of artistic respect, and who was not paying who the level of such they deserved.

The feud got underway after Harris visited the UK's BBC Breakfast and claimed he had refused the chance to work with Lady Gaga, since he "didn't really like the songs." This got Gaga in a Twitter tizzy:

Sick burn! But wait, there's more:

How would Harris respond? Would he slam back with a zinger of his own?



We have to say, this is all very disheartening.

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