It seems like pregnancy among pop stars is almost like a Highlander-type situation—as soon as one gives birth, another pops up as the most unavoidably pregnant person in the world. Mariah Carey, Pink and Beyonce have all carried the torch in recent days, although none of them have quite managed the extremes of belly-roundness that Jessica Simpson achieved in the last few months. Well, a new crown must be awarded, since Ms. Simpson has, after approximately 17 months of being with child, finally popped, giving birth to a happy, healthy, nine-pound-13-ounce (!!!) baby.

The baby's name, in case you were wondering—and of course you're wondering—is Maxwell. Perfectly nice name, part of a Beatles song, one letter away from being a member of Swedish House Mafia, all that good stuff. The name choice becomes a little more curious, however, when you consider that it was a female person that recently exited Jessica's womb, not a male one, thus making the name mildly confusing. Perhaps Jessica was just such a Blacksummers'night fan that she decided the name was strong enough to support a successful recording artist of either gender. And anyway, as far as celebrity baby names go, at least it's a name that already existed in some capacity, rather than Bronx, Apple, Moroccan or what have you. Step in the right direction toward normalcy.

Congrats, Jess. Nothing but the best for you and your ambiguously named Trenta baby. Now, who's next in line? Lana Del Rey, perhaps? Gotta stay on those tabloid covers somehow.