Good, now Rihanna won't have to hunt for eighth and ninth and tenth singles off Loud. Allow us to render Rihanna's Twitter Q-and-A flood in a more traditional format, as if it's an interview full of softballs:

Q: Are you really making your sixth album? A: Yes!

Q: Will you ever take time off? A: When I'm tired!

Q: When it's due? A: This fall! (Then again, this practically is fall, in New York City at least. Quick office assessment: multiple long-sleeved shirts, one sweater dress, one pumpkin spice latte.)

Q: Dubstep on the new album? Please say yes. A: You know how I've been loving dubstep since Rated R! (Ed. note: This is not actually "yes" and is plausibly deniable; however, considering the on-the-record writing process and how ubiquitous dubstep is both in songwriter's circles and on pop, it's probably true.)

The only other thing known/speculated about the album is that "Man Down" songwriters the Jugganauts (Verse Simmonds and Sak Pase) have been named, but not necessarily with tracks like "Man Down." And there you have it.