After topping the charts last year with "" and "It's Cold," YG Entertainment's rookie soloist, Lee Hi, is proving that she's no flash in the pan with the release of her latest single, "It's Over." Despite facing stiff competition from 2AM and Davichi, Lee Hi's latest jam has managed to hold onto the top spot of the instiz iChart since its release last week.

It's pretty easy to see why "It's Over" is doing so well. The jazzy track continues the retro, jukebox-pop style of Lee Hi's million-selling single, "," and is superior to that song thanks to its more original, non-Duffy sound.

Take a listen to "It's Over," below.

Also making moves on the iChart is RaNia. The girl group doesn't usually perform too well on the charts, but their new single, "Just Go," is doing surprisingly well. Since its release on Thursday, the song has been floating between 20-30, and has even broke into the top twenty a couple of times.

While RaNia's chart showing obviously isn't as impressive as Lee Hi's latest No. 1, it's definitely good by their standards -- after all, this is the same group whose first two singles charted at No. 99 and No. 95, respectively. Their only song so far to do anything of note is last September's "Style," which peaked at No. 40, but if sales of "Just Go" continue going as good as they are right now, it'll easily replace "Style" as the group's biggest hit to date.

With any luck, RaNia will follow in the footsteps of former flops, Nine Muses, who finally found some real success this year thanks to their smash hit, "Dolls."

Check out "Just Go," below, and let us know which song you like best out of RaNia's and Lee Hi's.