Hey guys! Did you know only men have body hair? I know, right? All this time I thought both men AND women had body hair but I was wrong! Body hair makes you a DUDE!

At least, that's what Veet wants you to believe. You remember Veet, ladies? That foul-smelling cream you experimented with as a teen before realizing how much better waxing/shaving/laser works?

According to the super-smart folks over at Veet HQ, if a woman has the slightest hint of body hair due to not shaving for 24 hours, it takes away her femininity, sexuality and desirability.

She is now a man in drag (and don't even get us started on the homophobic subtext in this ad). So ladies, better get some of that burn-cream that smells like ass, because that's WAYYYYY more sexy, amirite?