The Britney Spears-Demi Lovato era of The X Factor is underway, bloody cuticles and all, following last week's official announcement by FOX. The first preview for next fall's new season—yes, we just got through American Idol and we're already talking about X Factor; the search for great talent never stops!—captures the show's new judging roster, and puts their somewhat expensive prized ponies Spears and Lovato on full display. We're briefly reminded of last year's finalists (Chris Rene and Melanie Amaro) before letting us know a change is gonna come. It's merely footage taken from the FOX upfronts appearance, forever known as the Official Announcement that Spears and Lovato had been roped into a potential flop, potentially facing ridicule across all fronts, but it's the closest we have to imagining what Brit will look and act like under all those lights.

"What have I done?" Simon laughs devilishly as the camera pans out, which makes for an intriguing ad but contradicts the supportive, creepy uncle stance he and his chest hair have taken with Britney thus far. Come on, Simon. You know exactly what you've done, and your assassination on our intelligence is starting to hurt.