While Rihanna makes a very brief and highly unmemorable appearance in the new Battleship trailer, there are several other musicians turned actors getting some love in the world of cinema today, thanks to the overstuffed first look at New Year's Eve. If Taylor Swift as a peppy cheerleader in Valentine's Day wasn't believable enough, director Garry Marshall has taken another crack at modern, multi-generational relationships in his newest seasonally-inspired romantic comedy about finding love just before the holiday candy goes on sale. With a cast ranging from Oscar winners like Robert De Niro to fresh faces like Abigail Breslin, and the strange need to fit as many storylines as possible (or as many paychecks the studio is willing to sign off on), it's not that surprising that the music world is so well represented.

Like Glee star Lea Michele—who technically classifies as an actor first—making her big-screen debut, alongside the man responsible for everyone's favorite guest verse, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges. Luda has been more of a serious actor (see: Hustle & Flow, Crash, Law & Order: SVU) since making his on-screen debut in 2001's The Wash, but lately he's wanted to show the ladies his softer side, popping up in the ensemble cast for that movie about hooking up that came out earlier this year (the one that wasn't Friends With Benefits). Michele plays a friend and potential love interest to the incredibly creepy shaggy Ashton Kutcher, who lingers in dark corners before asking who she'll wind up kissing at midnight (we think we know the answer), while Ludacris is a cop on the verge of  breaking his interoffice relationship policy with Hilary Swank (?!). Maybe her acting skills will rub off on him. There's the inevitable musical performance by Michele—in Times Square no less—and the six months too late sounds of "Raise Your Glass" in the background, not even performed by the Mini Warbler. But that's not all! Jon Bon Jovi gets slapped by Katherine Heigl, in what is obviously another empowering, everywoman role, and Ice Cube is listed in the film's credits, although we swear we didn't see him. (Are we wrong?) With enough room for all these unbelievable story arcs and overpaid performers, we're just surprised Marshall didn't snag up one or two of Michele's Glee colleagues. Or Justin Bieber. Because that kid can act.