New Zealand Man Caught On Video Having Sex With Road

Forget road rage—what the world needs now is love, sweet road love.....

New Zealand man videoed road sex foray—became so overpowered with desire he just had to get down and dirty with some tarmac

Sometimes your sexual urges become so unbearable you just have to get out of your car and…make sweet, sweet love to the street.

Well, if you're a guy wearing a green and white shirt and jeans in New Zealand you do.

And thanks to the wonders of modern technology, it's all been caught on camera.

Office workers filmed the impromptu love scene outside their building—our guy furiously thrusting his bare hips into tight, wet pavement.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder, the footage shows a second man crouching on all fours beside a van.

Well, of course, 'cuz what other kind of car could it be?

The mystery spectator seems frighteningly keen to get a closer look at the erotic spectacle.

“This is what we've come to work to this morning, this little ground sex session going on just outside the window," a man says in the video.

“His friend there is checking him out…What is he doing?" asked another bewildered eye witness.

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The masterpiece was uploaded to Reddit last week, where it has drawn a slew of baffled comments.

“Was it wet concrete? How could this happen?" asked one concerned viewer.

“Boy, this was a little more HD than it really needed to be," griped another.

“What was that guy near him doing and where did he go, that's what I'm interested in" another pondered.

And, in these dark and troubling times, it seems more people are opting for love.

Like last month when another man was caught on camera thrusting his love muscle into a lucky drainpipe.

Scroll down to watch New Zealand man videoed road sex tape

He was spotted “canoodling" as we say in the biz, with the inanimate object, which appeared to be jutting out of a stranger's home.

Moments later, more furious thrusting movements, his arms pressed up against the wall.

And, if you listen really, really closely, I'm pretty sure you can hear the drainpipe moaning ever so softly…

The footage appeared on Chinese social media site Weibo, and was later shared on LiveLeak.

It later went viral with more than 100,000 views.

Because well duh!

Everyone loves some road porn!

Watch the New Zealand man videoed road sex tape

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