Image via Gabriele Holtermann/UPI/Shutterstock / Balenciaga Store in New York City, United States - 29 Nov 2022

Balenciaga is no first-time offender. The infamous fashion house has been riddled with controversy for years. From its less-than-quick dealings with their Kanye West collaboration post-Ye’s antisemitic comments to their blatant appropriation of Black culture.

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Photo via Shutterstock: LOS ANGELES - DEC 11: Elon Musk at the Rihanna's First Annual Diamond Ball at the The Vineyard on December 11, 2014 in Beverly Hills, CA

Home of celebrities and neo-nazis, Twitter has it all. With nearly 400 million users globally — half of them active — the social networking and micro-blogging platform remains the central spot for 280-character musings.

Known for its fandoms, spam bots, garbage discourse, and the tantalizing opportunity to respond directly to even the most famous of people, it’s now going to be known for Elon Musk’s desecration of it.

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It’s been a year since Britney Spears’ conservatorship was terminated and now she’s free! But when Britney hits a speed bump she turns to dancing. Whether on stage or posting joyful dance videos to Instagram, Britney’s constantly in motion…and for a very good reason.

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I’m sure you’re tired of the Don’t Worry, Darling drama that’s been consuming our lives for the past few months…imagine my pain while writing this. The endless spectacle surrounding Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde’s relationship continues.

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Bad B*tches Have Bad Days Too

In a year of ups and downs for Megan Thee Stallion, she wants you to know that Bad Bitches Have Bad Days Too. The Body rapper has found success in performing all over the world, graduated from college, and won countless awards.
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I Hate the Way Pete Buttigieg Kisses His Poor Husband

One small step for gay rights, one giant leap for awkwardness.

With the botched Iowa caucuses and the many inaccuracies of Trump's State of the Union address, it's safe to say this week in politics has been particularly chaotic.

Above all, there's one bit of candidate-related information that has me especially disturbed. It's a photo of Pete Buttigieg kissing his husband. I know there are a multitude of issues that should warrant my concern—like, why are we using untested mobile apps during one of the most important primary elections in American history?—but take a look for yourself, and maybe you'll understand why this graceless smooch has me losing sleep.

Don't get me wrong: It's absolutely incredible that, fewer than five years after gay marriage was legalized nationwide, a quite popular presidential candidate is able to freely and safely kiss his husband in public without risking major loss in support (except for this very stupid lady who wanted to rescind her vote for Buttigieg after learning he has a same-sex partner). What perturbs me about it is the sheer awkwardness of the kiss and the fact that their mouths don't even touch. Sure, maybe they were just trying to play it safe—you know, in regards to the notably homophobic administration we're living under—but it looks like they just straight-up missed. This is how the actors playing Maria and Captain Von Trapp in my middle school production of The Sound of Music stage kissed. This is how sexless 80-year-olds kiss. This is not how a 38-year-old who's been married for fewer than two years should kiss.

But then again, are we shocked? Buttigieg is notably inelegant, from his slightly uncomfortable paraphrasing of Lizzo to his absolutely unsightly method of eating a cinnamon bun. Not chicken wings. A cinnamon bun.

At least Mayor Pete seems happy in his marriage, however perplexing it may appear.

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