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Neymar’s Top, Mind Blowing, Utterly Awesome Goals

He's not just hot, he's fast, talented, mega-rich, top of his game, and hot….

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neymar top utterly awesome goals—the Brazilian soccer player isn't just hot, he's fast, talented, mega-rich, and hot….

Neymar made Olympics history yesterday—and not just as the hottest soccer player ever to hit the footie field.

The 24-year-old scored the fasted goal ever—kicking it into the net 15 seconds after the game started.


But, Neymar, being Neymar, didn't just then sit back on his laurels.

Oh no, Neymar, being Neymar, then went on to convert a penalty kick in the second-half injury time—making a total of 5 goals for Brazil, thrashing Honduras—who didn't get the chance to score at all.

The other goals were scored by Gabriel Jesus (2), Marquinhos (1) and Luan (1).

Brazil will now be facing off against Germany in the Olympics soccer final this weekend—they defeated Nigeria 2-0 Wednesday.

The South American soccer team has never won Olympic gold before—they played in the finals of the London Olympics 4 years ago, but were beaten 2-1 by Mexico.

This isn't the first time Brazil will face off against Germany.

They lost to the Euro soccer giants, 7-1, in the World Cup semi-finals 2 years ago.

But, this time round they're on their home turf—and if there's one thing Brazilians love it's soccer.

So, you can expect an excited and passionate crowd come Saturday.

To get a feel of what we can expect, scroll down to watch video of neymar top utterly awesome goals

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Watch video of neymar top utterly awesome goals:

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