After finishing off their Up All Night tour this week, the boys of One Direction have returned home for some R&R and the opportunity to bask in the love of their fans. A lot has changed since their arrival here in the States in February, but after making chart history and gaining dozens of free bras, are the guys still the same, humble lads we first met on The X Factor? Yes, but with a deeper vocabulary than we previously had realized. Niall Horan greeted fans upon his arrival in Ireland today, addressing them with what he considers to be a term of endearment: "Remember the last time I walked out here?" Niall asked of those gathered at the Dublin airport. "Remember the last time I walked out here and sprained my knee, you shower of c--ts!" Um, no, should they?

Maybe that's just a term of endearment in Ireland, mate. Before parents worry that their sons and daughters are devoting too much of their time to worshipping a misogynistic idol who will never fully respect them, Directioners want the world to know that they didn't take offense to Horan's words. In fact, he can call them anything he wants. (Warning: multiple uses of the c-bomb, below.)

We're not so sure Horan has the "right" to casually throw around a word that's so commonly regarded as offensive to women and inappropriate in everyday speech (call us square), particularly when he's viewed as a role model. Consider this your introduction to the whole "with great power comes great responsibility" thing, Niall—and yes, if Marc Webb isn't going to include that line in his version of Spider-Man, we'll apply it to the boy bands of today. Luckily concerns from 1D management, the impending wrath of his mother, and, we hope, his own good judgment have led him to apologize for his comments on Twitter:

We know you like to have fun, Niall, and we fully support your quest to banter with fans as much as you please (we plan on watching you host your own talk show in 20 years!). But the next time you're exiting the airport, check and see which one of those c-word fans-slash-"mates" is secretly recording your every move. It's never too early to start protecting yourself from threats of extortion.