Nicholas Hoult: James McAvoy Punched Me In the Balls!

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Nicholas Hoult says James McAvoy "punched him the balls" while filming X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

The British actor was trying to "flinch" for a scene when co-star James, in an attempt to be helpful, walloped him in the pelvic region.

Apparently he was aiming for Nicholas' leg, which we absolutely do not believe.

“Intentionally, yeah, well I don’t think he was aiming there, but we were shooting a scene whereby we were meant to be flinching and things were blowing up above us and all this, and the camera panned to me, it was the first time the camera had been on me all day and I was like, ‘Yes. Acting. Here I go,’” he told Collider.

“I was into it. I was there, acting, and then I suddenly just feel (thwump) and doubled over in agony. I was like, ‘Wow!’ It was a proper punch. He was like, ‘Oh I was just trying to give you something to act with. I thought I’d hit you in the leg and you’d flinch and it would look really good on screen, but I missed.’ So that was a nice moment.”

The best part about this is the thought of Nicholas standing on set saying to himself, "Yes! Acting! Here I go!"


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