Adam Levine is hiding inside Andy Samberg on “She’s You"

We premiere the latest video of nerd soul from from Nick Blaemire

Rising Star

"I'm just such a total nerd," Meredith Adelaide says in a fake PSA in the third season of Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein's Portlandia. An overweight gentleman named Brian corrects her and explains that only unattractive and shy people who play Skyrim classify as the new in-vogue group. Well, fake nerds aren't just a girl's game anymore or so proves New York crooner Nick Blaemire on his latest music video. Donning a pair of Buddy Holly's traditional four-eyes, Blaemire accents his dimples and sings around in a jacket in what his publicist tells me is a "colorful, 80s cliché-film inspired music video." Take a look:

Blaemire's nerd bonnie-fides do not include playing Skyrim, however. Blaemire was once among the hundred or so people on stage at some point during a 2011 revival of Stephen Schwartz's Godspell which starred, at the time, Hunter Parrish. Settled down from those nerdy ways, he's married now and his current wife plays the video's love interest. "She calls me on my shit [and] lets me off the hook for absolutely zero things," he tells us. That sounds like loads of fun.

And underneath that Andy Samberg-haircut is a properly trained voice that can belt "Every night, I'm a teenager going steady" in the style of John Mayer tackling his lover's skin like porcelain. Blaemire's mode is more doo-wop nostalgia than Mayer, perhaps, and Justin Timberlake's late era big-band gloss might be the clearer reference but something about Blaemire's malleability keeps bringing me back to Montana's biggest pop star. It's John Mayer hiding behind those thick rims. Crooning like a motherfucker.

"She's You" appears on The Ampersand EP which comes out later this March

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