Nick Jonas Plays a Game of 'Guess The Bulge,' Calls Justin Bieber 'Ridiculous'

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Nick Jonas proved once again that he'll do anything for promo by playing a game of 'Guess The Bulge' with Sugarscape this week.

As you can tell by the name of the game, Nick was shown a series of bulges and had to pick which celebrity they belonged to. Although he willingly played along, it put him in a bit of an awkward position where he had to participate to not look like an uptight douchebag, but couldn't look too into it or else those pesky gay rumors would start up again.

The JoBro's eyes lingered on a photo of Harry Styles' sizeable bulge for a while as if quietly jealous of its magnitude, but it was his reaction to Justin Bieber's pixie stick that was the most brilliant.

"This looks ridiculous," he remarked in response to how low Bieber's pants were. "Justin. That's a clean give-away. Only one person in the world would look that ridiculous."

That is true, Nick, but if you ever decide to walk around with your pants below your butt, we certainly won't complain.