Nick Jonas Talks New Single 'Jealous' And Album

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Nick Jonas keeps us at our tip toes as he continues to release new music.

Last month, Jonas released his comeback single as a solo artist, Chains. Surprisingly, the track hasn't went to radio just yet, and should do better than it's currently doing.

Leave the past in the past. Jonas isn't making your typical bubble-gum pop kind of music anymore. He's no longer locked up in 'chains' and being forced to make music he wasn't very fond of. Now, he's certainly making music that he's always wanted to make. If he keeps it up, he may be the next Justin Timberlake. Um... yes please!? Hello, grown up Nick J—we're glad to have ya!

As Popdust previously reported, Jonas is currently signed to Island Records. We're less than a few weeks away from his next release to lead into the follow-up of his self-titled sophomore studio album.

In an interview with, Jonas reveals all about his new music.

"I actually did not write [Chains]," Jonas reveals. No fear though, he's still a songwriter and wrote three tracks for the record, "I wrote Jealous, Numb, and Push." But, he wouldn't just release Chains without feeling any connection to it, he explains—"[I] immediately found a connection to it because I think for me it sort of took on a greater meaning of not letting things in your life hold you back from being exactly who you need to be and what’s important to you. So I connected with it in a major way."

While we're still drooling over the Chains music video, the Jealous music video is on its way. "The video comes out the second week of September, the song comes out on the 7th. And then that whole week is like New York press week, so we’re doing Seth Meyers, Watch What Happens Live and Today Show and it’s a whole thing," he opens up. "The video is basically a trip into the mind of Nick Jonas by way of stream of consciousness. So the director, Peter, he said ‘I think if you asked someone right now, ‘Who is Nick Jonas?’ I think you’d get a million different answers. After having the chance to get to know you, I feel like none of them would really be right because you are so different than the public perception. So let’s get inside your mind because this song is very personal even though it’s fun. It’s kind of a dance song in a way. But let’s dig a little deeper and see what it means to you.’ So the video is really layered, like his art. You can see he layers a bunch of different news clippings and articles and says something greater over top of it. The video is the same way. The real message is that jealousy is something we all feel from all different walks of life, whether it’s about romance or love or family or whatever it is — insecurities. It touches on all that and also has sort of a fun through line with me and Olivia is actually in the video as well."

The next single Jealous is one of Jonas' favorite tracks and he's super excited that it's the next single, "Jealous was inspired by a feeling I think a lot of people have but are afraid to admit, especially guys. But just that thing of puffing your chest up every once and a while when someone looks at your girl while you’re with them. Not only is it disrespectful, but you feel like you’re ready to go. At the time I wrote and recorded it, I was in the middle of all the training for Kingdom, so I was really sort of hyped up on testosterone."

As of right now, there is no official release date for the self-titled album. "[The] album release date is not official yet, but it will be sometime at the end of October, early November. Somewhere in there," Jonas reveals. There's a reason why the album will be left self-titled, "I think that was important for me to establish who I am now and sort of put the stamp of sort of a new day on it."

It's always hard for an artist to pick a favorite track off of their new album, Jonas says "there’s a couple that have a different meaning for me and some that this week I like more than others. It just always depends, but “Numb” I think is one of my favorites." Making music isn't always easy, especially when you're singing about personal life experiences, "[It’s] a really personal song about family and about the last year of my life. So that one I’m really proud of and I love," he says about Nothing Will Be Better.

Pick up a copy of 'Chains' on iTunes.

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