Nick Jonas UFO Sighting—He Believes And He's Obsessed

Nick Jonas is on a promo tour for his new single Levels from his second album at the moment, and during an interview with UK's This Morning, discussed his obsession with UFO's and all things extra-terrestrial.

He was watching a segment the hosts were doing on the UFO sighting in Los Angeles over the weekend and cut in saying that he was totally obsessed with UFO's and that he has seen one before!

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Fast forward to his interview, and Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield went through the usual yadda yadda about his intense year, how he sets boundaries on his personal life, his record label and tour with Demi Lovato.  Oh and there will be another new album next year and they are currently working on taking the tour with Lovato worldwide.  You know, the same boring interview that he'll be doing a zillion times on this promo.

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Holly though, could barely contain her excitement, and just wanted to get through it so she could ask him about his whole UFO belief thing.

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He told the story of how he was in his backyard with a friend around eight years ago and looked up to the sky—where there were three flying saucers moving across the sky!  He checked with his pal that he saw the same thing (which he did), and then looked up online to try to investigate what was going on.  He said that numerous other people reported the same sighting and there had been three identical incidents two weeks before in other states.  Spooky.  Nick confirmed he is a "firm believer" in all things ET and wouldn't be persuaded by Philip's suggestion that the "UFO's" could be something to do with military testing etc.

Nope, Jonas was not buying it.

nick jonas ufo

nick jonas ufo

nick jonas ufo

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