Nickelback Tries To Figure Out Why Everyone Hates Them


Rather than celebrate the release of their seventh studio album Here and Now, the guys of Nickelback seem more concerned with winning over the haters, proving that these little Facebook petitions are taken personally. We hope you're listening, Zuckerberg. "Nickelback Responds to NFL Petition," the latest from the team at Funny or Die, features Paul Scheer as a slimey image consultant, who draws his coiffure cues from Chad Kroeger himself, burdened with the task of figuring out why everyone hates this band so much. After a fan petition from Winnipeg was made public in September, Scheer takes us through a laundry list of reasons as to why red-blooded American football fans dislike the band so much, just days before their scheduled Thanksgiving performance in the Detroit. Among the possibilities: the band's personal beef with Michael Moore, their potential spread of any goat-related sexually transmitted diseases, and oh yeah, the fact that they're from Canada. But Americans love Canadians! Per Scheer's request, the guys agreed to "emulate the great talent" to come out of the Motor City, Tom Selleck and the not-yet-dead Dave Coulier especially, by undergoing a little pre-show makeover. What results is a Motown-inspired costume party Detroit residents won't be able to resist. Cut it out!

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