Nickelback's Latest Feud: Atlanta Braves Relief Pitcher Peter Moylan


Of Nickelback's many recent critics—Firefox, the Onion A.V. Club, the cities of Winnipeg and Detroit—this is the oddest one to see them rise to the bait of. Peter Moylan, a relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves—and not their closer, or their eighth inning guy, or even their most reliable one-out lefty—recently was inspired to tweet an unsolicited message at the Canadian rockers after watching the Foo Fighters play live. Wrote Moylan:

Well, Nickelback certainly weren't going to take an insult like that from a middle reliever lying down. Within hours, the band prepped their retort:

Ohhohhhh, burrrrn! (The "Kimbrel," for those non-NL East fans out there, is Craig Kimbrel, closer for the Braves, who officially outranks Moylan on the Atlanta bullpen food chain.) We dunno which part probably had Moylan reeling more, that subtle use of the question mark after the "doing just fine" claim or referring to him by the diminutive "Pete."

Unfortunately for us, though perhaps fortunately for inter-continental relations between Canada and the States, it appears this beef has already been quashed on both sides. The two parties have already traded back "jk, not really" qualifications to their earlier shit-starting tweets, and the band even wished Moylan a happy birthday on the 2nd, Pete's 33rd. (Awwww!) The Foo Fighters, for their part, have yet to comment, though we imagine they agree with Moylan that they probably could teach Chad and company a thing or two about how it's done.


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