Birdman calls on the help of Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj for his new video "Y.U. Mad," also known as the reason why the Harajuku Barbie has been seen cross-dressing this fall. One of many, but still. But only one person can be Mr. Carter, and for the majority of the clip Minaj seems to be the only one concerned with keeping up the mythical legend of New Orleans' slightly unintelligible native son. While the Cash Money co-founder enjoys the company of beautiful women and eating stacks of Benjamins for dinner, Minaj splits her time between channeling her mentor through blonde braids and low slung pants, and keeping watch over YMCMB's many golden microphones. Because somebody has to. Whether an homage or a parody, her effort inspires the uncharacteristically quiet MC to reclaim his hold on our attention, as Weezy finally steps to the forefront for a verse after about two minutes of quietly bobbing along in the background, flaunting his newly adopted glasses and skateboard backpack. It may not be the Wayne we've grown up with, but it's a welcomed change. A hat like that was made to be seen. Watch below.